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How To Deal With Failed Printer Connection| Quick And Easy

If you are facing trouble with your printer connection. Then your printer might be offline or have software issue. Here is a complete guide that can help you to fix your printer.

Here Are Some Essentials Steps To Fix Connection Issues

First, you have to ensure that your printer’s all hardware parts are in working condition. If there’s an issue with your printer itself especially, in hardware, then you should contact your printer manufacturer.

You Can Try These Fixes


Fix.1 Check Your Printer Connection

Restart Your Printer: The first step is to power off and then turn power on to restart your printer. Then wait for a while to set up the software.

  • Check Hardware Connection issue: You have to check the wiring if your printer is connected through a USB cable to your computer. Ensure that the cable is not damaged if it is then replace it. 
  • If your printer runs on wireless connections such as Bluetooth or Wifi. Then you should follow manual guidelines to reset the wireless connection.

  • It may vary from printer to printer or model. 

  • Check Network Connection: A network issuance can be a cause behind your printer is not connected to your device. You should also check your internet connection while you are using the printer. Additionally, if you are using a wireless printer then you should keep it in the range of Bluetooth and Wifi limits as per manufacturer guidelines.

Fix 2. Check Updates

An outdated and missing version can lead to failed connection issues with your printer. 

Updating your printer driver to the latest version and software updates to fix issues or bugs you are facing with your printer while using it.

Here are two ways to update your printer driver

  1. Manually: You can download the printer manually from the manufacturer’s website of your printer and install it into your system. You have to ensure one thing that the version you are downloading is compatible with your system’s window

2. Automatically: If you don’t have time to download and install it into your system. Then you should set it to automatic updates and install it in your computer setting. Through this, it will automatically update the latest version as required.  

  • Fix 3. Restart Your Printer Spooler

You should try the Print Spooler service spool print jobs and handles interactions with the printer. If the service isn’t working, your printers won’t be connected. So then you can try to restart the Print Spooler service to fix the issue.

Follow these steps to restart the printer spooler

1) On your keyboard, you have to press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box.

2) Type ( services.msc ) on it and click OK.

3) Scroll down and search for the Print Spooler service.

4) If the service is running, right-click on the service and select turn it off, then right-click on the service and click Start to restart the service.

5) Restart your system and try your printer again to see if your printer is connected.

Fix 4. Troubleshoot Printer Issue

You can try troubleshooting tools and techniques to diagnose and fix issues with your printer.

  1. On your keyboard, first, hold down the Windows Logo key and the R key, type the control panel, and hit Enter to open the Control Panel on your computer.        
  2. Then click on Devices and Printers.                   
  3. Click on the search bar after selecting and running the troubleshooting.     
  4. Let your computer search and resolve the issues. You have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen to fix bugs.   

Hope this information helps you to resolve the connecting issues with your printer. If you try all these techniques to fix it. If it’s not working. Then feel free to contact us.


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