Control Smart Home Devices With The Help Of Alexa

With the help of the Alexa device, you can easily control your smart home devices. Ensure that all your smart home devices are compatible with Alexa.

  • You can download the Alexa app for Windows as well as Mac.
  • Start live Chat with expert for latest download and setup the devices.

Smart Alexa App

In all the Echo devices, the voice assistant Alexa is self-installed. Once set up, you can avail a number of outstanding features with the help of your voice command. Just say the wake word and Alexa will be ready to fulfill all of your commands.

There are a number of smart home devices that are available in the market and many of them are compatible with Alexa. These devices include smart home lights, Nest learning thermostat, Lutron Caseta, Philips hue smart bulbs, fans, Wemo smart club, iRobot Roomba 69, Nest learning thermostat, etc.

My Alexa Is Not Responding, Why?

If you are worried because Alexa Not Responding, a number of different reasons could be responsible for the same.

It could be a weak internet connection, wrong wifi setup, the distance between the Echo and wifi, or wrong wake word. Make sure that the microphone of your Echo device is working properly. Until and unless Alexa will not listen to your commands, it will not respond to anything.

Try to restart the Echo device and see if that works to fix the issue or not.

  • Download the Alexa App

It is quite a simple step to download the Alexa app on your smart device. Open the play store or app store and download the Alexa app for your device.

  • Connect Alexa To Wifi

Once you have downloaded the Alexa app, it’s time to connect it to a good speed internet connection. Open the app and follow the given procedure to connect Alexa to wifi.

  • Alexa Setup

If you have connected your Echo device to the internet successfully, you are all set to control all of your smart home devices.

Alexa Setup On Windows

If you want to install the Alexa app on your windows, do follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect your Windows device to a good-speed internet connection.
  • Open the web browser and download the Alexa app for Windows.
  • Once the app will be downloaded successfully, enter the credentials for the Alexa app. For new users, you will have to create an account first.
  • Complete the Alexa setup by following all the on-screen instructions.

How To Fix It When Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi?

It is not easy to tell why Alexa Won’t Connect to Wifi. As we have already discussed, different reasons could be responsible for the issue. Sometimes, it happens because of a weak internet connection while other times, the wrong wifi password could be possible.

If your Alexa Won’t Connect To Wifi, do the following:

  • Check your internet connectivity
  • Restart the modem and router
  • Restart the Echo device
  • Check the wifi password
  • Remove the blocks from the network
  • Reset the Alexa device to factory reset

Even after applying the steps mentioned here, if your Alexa won’t listen to any of your commands, contact us.

How To Fix When a Device Says “Alexa Having Trouble Understanding Right Now”?

The voice assistant Alexa is an amazing feature given by Amazon. You can use Alexa on all Echo devices. With the help of its voice commands feature, you can ask the device about the weather report, news, jokes, songs, and whatnot.

Apart from all the great features, sometimes the device says, “Alexa Having Trouble Understanding Right Now”. Want to know the cause behind the issue?

There could be two main reasons why Alexa has stopped listening to your voice commands. Either your internet connection is down or there is something happening from Amazon’s end.

You can try the below-given steps to fix the issue:

  • Restart the Echo device
  • Check your internet connection
  • Put Echo device within the wifi range
  • Reset Echo to factory defaults

If you have found that the issue occurs from Amazon’s end then there is nothing you can do about it. Just wait until the issue will not be fixed from their end.


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